It was August 25, 2005 and I was living in New Orleans. Everything I took for granted was gone in a flash. It was a year where my grandparents, friends, neighbors and residents of New Orleans lost their house and livelihoods, from the flooding in the aftermath of Katrina.

Katrina wasn't a one off, with climate change happening rapidly disasters are more frequent around the globe.

...Global warming means more moisture in the air, which intensifies rainfall and flooding, and significant sea-level rise, which leads to bigger and more invasive storm surges.
— David Wallace-Wells, New York Magazine

Hurricane Katrina-Residents are on the roof

Connectivity and Communication

There are many problems around disasters and disaster preparedness. There are lot of ways to tackling these issues. One of the challenges that I am tackling is connectivity and communication. People don't know enough and the infrastructure is unreliable.

/ In a moment of a crisis, people do not know what's going on
/ People were unable to get in touch with family and loved ones
/ And they weren't able to asked for help from anyone


Anchor creates an infrastructure of a wireless mesh network, where residents are able to connect to an information and communication service accessible through their phone. It is a multi-part product installed by the city for residents. The object on the lamp post is solar powered with it's own back-up battery. The information service is a mobile website, where residents are able to prepare and plan for the next disaster and when a disaster does strike check for emergency updates and connect with city agencies.




The lamp posts around the city will carry and spread the local network, they will be self-sufficient with its very own solar panels.

There are over 250,000 street-lights in New York City. After an emergency these tall objects are one of the few things that are still standing. Most of the time they have lost power, but that is not always the case.

Thesis 2017
SVA MFA IxD - Wonderful Behaviors

More to Come...

Created by Elushika Weerakoon